This week in Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Bayonetta 3.

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We return for hopefully the final cocking instalment to the adventures of Bayonetta, the ass-kicking witch lady with such weird bodily proportions that if you nailed her to a wall you’d think she was a map of the Toronto public transport system. With an all new voice actor and all the same everything else. Suppose we’d better address the leather-clad giraffe in the room – apparently there was a flap with the original voice actor either being paid too much or not enough, and then turning out to be a bit of a drama farmer who stepped on a puppy once or something like that, I don’t really pay attention to behind the scenes shit, I do know they got Jennifer Hale in to replace her, who’s like the voice actor equivalent of, I dunno, carpet. Nothing wrong with carpet. Our lives are better with carpet in it. It’s just that it’s absolutely bloody everywhere and hard to get excited about, especially if someone stepped on a puppy on it. And this particular carpet seems to be having trouble pinning its British accent down. It keeps escaping and going on a complete tour of the Southeast before being recaptured. Anyway, the reason why the words “final instalment” at the start of this review were preempted with the word “hopefully” and intersected with the word “cocking” is that the plot of Bayonetta 3 has gone all multiverse on us.

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