Can You Name All of These Games?


If you can recognize every single videogame referenced in the picture puzzle for The Golden Joystick awards, you might just find yourself the winner of a pile of some of the best games released in the last year. Be warned, though, because this thing is far from easy.

Future Publishing – of CVG, EDGE and GamesRadar fame, among other things – is throwing a contest to promote its Golden Joystick awards (the “people’s gaming awards,” or so they say), and they’re offering a big prize: every single game on the shortlist for the awards. The list has some 10 directly game-related categories, with 10 nominees in each category. There’s bound to be some overlap here and there, but the gist of it is: you’re going to be winning a huge amount of games.

Such a bounty surely can’t come easy, can it? In order to win, you have to solve this picture puzzle. It’s one of those things you see in the backpages of magazines, a giant hodgepodge of random and not-so-random visual references to videogames you may or may not know. If you can find and document every single reference in the picture, submit your entry and you’ll be in the running to win.

Really, this isn’t an easy one, but it is very clever with its visual puns and quite a bit of fun even if you can’t figure it all out. Let’s see…just off the top of my head I see Street Fighter IV, Hitman, Dig Dug, Far Cry, and Q-Bert, and those are just the obvious ones.

We Escapist staff have been busily wasting time trying to find every single reference we can, and we’re putting all our best minds to the task. Not that we need to own any more videogames. Oh who am I kidding, of course we do.

Feast your magnifying glasses on the complete picture in full and massive resolution, and impress us with your knowledge!

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