Capcom Bundles Three Platinum Hits for 360


If you’ve missed out on three of Capcom’s biggest hits this generation, here’s your chance to get them all at a value price with the Platinum Hits Triple Pack, which bundles Lost Planet, Dead Rising and Devil May Cry 4 for one wallet-friendly price.

Capcom has been one of this generation’s most successful hitmakers, churning out a fair amount of high profile successes, from Resident Evil 5 to Street Fighter IV. Neither of those games is included in the company’s Platinum Hits Triple Pack value bundle, but the three games collected here aren’t slouches themselves: Lost Planet, Dead Rising and Devil May Cry 4.

Set for release September 8 with a price tag of $39.99, the 360 and US exclusive bundle packs all three games in a single box. It’s the platinum hits pack, naturally, because all three games have sold somewhere in the number of a million copies. The version of Lost Planet includes is the Colonies Edition.

It all comes out to about a $60 value give or take, if you’re buying all these games new, so there are some decent savings here. Chances are you may have played one of these games already, or may want to play one or two of them, in which case you probably wouldn’t go wrong to just plunk down a few more bucks for the whole package and add three games to your collection at once. Not being a fan of either Lost Planet or Dead Rising, to me this is kinda like a “Devil May Cry plus two other pretty okay games” bundle, which doesn’t sound like such a bad deal anyway.

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