Capcom COO Mark Beaumont Dies of a Heart Attack


Gaming industry veteran Mark Beaumont has passed away.

Beaumont, whose gaming career spanned 28 years, died Tuesday of a heart attack. His career began with the the Atari in 1982, but he has also served with Activision and Time Warner Interactive. In addition to working with larger companies, Beaumont served with several smaller companies, including Data East, Mindscape, and Psygnosis.

Beaumont ended his 28-year career as the COO of Capcom. He was with gaming in the early stages, and saw it through the evolution into the medium it is today. Beaumont’s work helped bring gaming from the arcade experience into the home. “We’re moving beyond action/arcade type run-and-shoot games and moving toward giving somebody a full-blown experience,” Beaumont said in a 1987 interview. With the success of gaming as a diverse and interactive medium today, we can see firsthand the fruit of Beaumont’s labor.


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