Capcom Europe is reportedly laying off more than half its employees as part of the company’s ongoing restructuring.

Capcom suffered another blow today, as reports emerged that the company is eliminating more than half of its employees in Europe. The cuts follow layoffs at its U.S. branch over the summer that saw the departure of high-profile Senior Vice President Christian Svensson.

“Following a restructure at its U.S. operation, Capcom’s European organization is currently evaluating its structure to ensure it is in the best position to take advantage of the changing market conditions the industry is facing,” Capcom said in a statement to MCV.

Capcom recently acknowledged that it has been slow to adjust to the rapid growth of digital distribution and that its strategy of relying on outsourced development hasn’t been working out. As a result, the company is now changing its focus to “migrating DLC development in-house and increasing its proportion within the consumer segment.”

It’s not known how many employees will be affected by the layoffs but in its 2013 annual report, Capcom reported a total headcount, including consolidated subsidiaries, of 2476.

Source: MCV

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