Capcom Japan Hints At Street Fighter IV Sequel


A sequel to Street Fighter IV seems more and more like a sure thing, at least going by the major hints that Capcom Japan is dropping on its Street Fighter blog.

Capcom dropped some major hints at a Street Fighter IV sequel during a Q&A session posted on its Japanese Street Fighter blog today. According to a translation done by diligent forumgoer FallenAngel, Capcom not only teased the existence of the game, which they referred to as Street Fighter IV DASH (in Japan, Street Fighter II Championship Edition was known as Dash), but even went so far as to tell us what would be in the game.

According to FallenAngel’s translation, bonus stages will “probably” be added in the next version of the game. You might recall these from the golden days of Street Fighter – car smashing, barrel smashing, etc – or from this real-life fan re-creation from last week.

Another minor addition will be a function for SF4‘s Trial Mode that will display how to do combos. Trial Mode, in its current incarnation, tasks players with performing tricky combos but does squat to teach them how, which some said defeated the entire purpose of the mode.

As for the new features people will care most about – the characters – Street Fighter IV project manager Natsuki Shiozawa says that she realizes Karin (from Street Fighter Alpha 3) is popular but she’d like to see Ibuki from Street Fighter 3 make an appearance. Cody of Final Fight and Street Fighter Alpha is also a possibility, says Shiozawa.

Though some fans have been holding out hope that Capcom would continue to support the game by updating it via DLC, that’s probably never going to happen. Capcom, the company said, is listening to suggestions on the blog and on the internet in general, but as vocal as some fans can get, Capcom’s not going to change this business practice in particular. Well, if they’re not going to listen when it comes to whether or not to do a sequel, they can at least listen to me when I say this: Add Skullomania to the game. That is all.

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