Capcom Salutes Captain America in New YouTube Video


Capcom honors Cap in time for his new movie, while also reminding fans that he was a regular in their fighting games long before he was a movie star.

In case you hadn’t heard, Steve Rogers has a new movie out this week and apparently its pretty good. However, long before he became a film icon alongside his Avengers cohorts, Cap had a successful career in a long line of Capcom games, most prominently their Marvel Vs. Capcom line.

To celebrate the Star-Spangled Aveneger’s newest movie, as well as showcase some of his finest moments in gaming, Capcom has released a short tribute to the good captain. While most of the clips are from the aforementioned Marvel Vs. Capcom series, a few shots are from older releases, such as Marvel Super Heroes and a few beat-em up games whose titles I can’t even begin to recall. Seriously, if you know please mention it in the comments, I’ve been rattling my brain trying to figure them out.

Though short, the video’s a nice gesture from Capcom, especially since a lot of fans were probably first introduced to Captain America through playing Capcom’s games at their local arcades. It is disheartening, though, to know that some of the Marvel Vs. Capcom games featured in the tribute video are now much harder to obtain due to Capcom’s recent decision to pull digital copies of Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 and Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 from online storefronts.

Source: YouTube

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