Could Capcom be taking us for a ride to a Marvel vs. Capcom 2 rerelease announcement with this enigmatic teaser site?

While we’ve speculated time and time again about what, at this point, seems to be the inevitable Marvel vs. Capcom 2 rerelease on XBLA and PSN, this teaser site may the first time we’ve actually heard anything from Capcom themselves about it.

What about the teaser could lead us to believe that it’s for MvC2? Looks like a plain old teaser site with a countdown clock ticking away until six days from now. Well, there’s a gigantic “2” in the background of the countdown clock, which, yes, could really refer to anything.

More telling is the site’s URL: TU4AR? What the heck could that mean, you ask. Well, for a MvC2 player it won’t take more than a few seconds to process the letters and come to realize what they spell out:

Take you for a ride.

MvC2‘s jazzy soundtrack was one of its most definitive qualities, and “Take You For A Ride,” the character select screen song, was the cream of the crop. Take a listen.

Still seem far fetched to you? No evidence that Capcom is even involved with this site, you say? Well, the company has tweeted about it, and are auctioning off some sort of gift with the TU4AR printed on it. The thing looks like a business card holder, as my colleagues and I have surmised, but what that could do with MvC2, I really have no idea.

Furthermore, some snooping around done by TheGameReviews reveals that the site transfers data from a “dev” site on, which, in turn, is attached to another url: gmt. Yeah, I think “MvC2” stands for “Marvel vs Capcom 2” there.

To be on the safe side, nothing here’s confirmed, so yeah, don’t bet your house on this happening yet, but I’d say it wouldn’t be unwise to get your pipes ready to scream out “It’s Mahvel baybee!” just in case.

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