Capcom Tight-lipped About Championship Mode Expansion Pack


Now that SFIV has been in the hands of the public for a few weeks, gamers are starting to wonder about when exactly the announced Championship Edition expansion pack will be hitting the streets.

Unfortunately, as of this morning, Capcom has yet to declare even a rough release date, leaving players wondering how long they’ll have to continue dealing with the functional, but clunky, online matchmaking service.

The expansion also promises to revamp the battle points system into something more logical, breaking them up into different kinds of points and creating more equal matches based on the player’s actual skill. There are few things as annoying as losing 2000 battle points to some guy who just started playing and only getting 15 if you win. What this expansion pack will mean for the current battle points system is unknown, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see Capcom to scrap the whole thing in favor of the much more detailed new system.

It’s also unclear whether or not the Championship Edition pack will include any gameplay patches, most notably a fix for Fei Long’s documented infinite combo against Abel. Capcom will be setting a dangerous precedent by altering gameplay via downloads though, as free DLC like this would put a clamp on the endless stream of Championship Hyper Turbo Evolution re-releases and the cash that they bring in. The other option, charging for the gameplay altering DLC, seems even less viable, as players would have to be matched according to their version lest wild imbalances cripple the game’s fairness.

Source: CVG

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