Captain America 3 Directors Speak Out on Ending Cap’s Story

Captain America Chris Evans

Anthony and Joe Russo, who will come back to direct Captain America 3, states that for a “satisfying” story, there needs to be a “beginning, middle and an end.”

If you’ve been keeping tabs on Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, then you’d know that one of the most startling moves the studio did in its “Phase Two” of movies is concluding Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man movies. While Iron Man (and Downey) is slated to appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron and the scheduled third film in the superhero team-up film franchise, it’s unknown at this point which direction Iron Man’s going since at the end of Iron Man 3, Tony Stark did manage to take out the shrapnel threatening to take his life, which makes the arc reactor in his chest unnecessary. Could a similar story-tying conclusion be in the cards for Chris Evans in Captain America 3?

This very question was asked to Anthony and Joe Russo, who are once again coming back to helm the as-of-yet-untitled follow up to Captain America: The Winter Soldier, in an interview with MTV. Obviously, the duo can’t really divulge anything too big this early on in the film’s production, but they did let on that for a satisfying storytelling, a “beginning, middle and end” is needed.

Anthony Russo: It is a hard question to answer because it gets to the specific of where the narratives are going. I will say this: yes, for satisfying storytelling, you want a beginning, middle and end…That’s the natural arc that we all thrive off of in narrative.

The Russos also let on that directors working with Marvel can achieve what they’re referring to without running franchises into the ground by borrowing a “mentality” from the publishing arm of Marvel. While certain characters might get an emotional and/or narrative conclusion, others could find their worlds turned upside down, which could lead to more central roles.

Anthony Russo: The great thing about the Marvel universe, just like the publishing, it’s a very vast, inter-connected universe, where characters will have their rise and fall, so to speak, and hand off to other characters…As the cinematic universe moves forward, you may start to see the cinematic universe adopt that same pattern, as the publishing has, where there’s closure with some characters and new beginnings with other characters. How those hand-offs are made is always part of the fun.

Does this mean Chris Evans’ time as Cap be coming to an end? We really can’t say for sure right now. But even if it is, Marvel could easily just follow the comics and make The Falcon the new Cap, right? Are you looking forward to the “endings” of Marvel’s standalone films or should the studio continue putting them out as long as they can retain the quality of each?

Source: MTV

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