The CaptoGlove is the motion controller VR has needed this whole time.

Using a standard controller in VR isn’t particularly immersive. You have this unlimited open world that you can look around and experience, but you have to use a thumbstick to move around and move your hands. Cue the CaptoGlove, a throwback to one of the most iconic gaming peripherals of all time, the Powerglove, for the Virtual Reality era.

“The human hand is the greatest controller in the world,” said CEO Paolo Trotta. “With CaptoGlove you can now extend that natural precision, response time and efficiency across a wide variety of tasks and devices.” The glove works pretty much exactly the way you’d expect it to, you slip it over your hand, and have your hand gestures translated into in-game actions.

CaptoGlove works with all PC games past and present, iOS & Android devices, as well as VR headsets, and many more smart/Bluetooth devices. Starting today, early backers of the glove’s Kickstarter campaign can purchase the controller for $160. Its scheduled delivery date is May.

CaptoGlove has been in development for nearly five years, and made its public debut in January 2017 at the global technology conference CES. Using a series of smart sensors, CaptoGlove delivers unparalleled precision for controlling video games, smart phones, virtual reality gear, drones, unmanned systems, smart home products and more. The glove’s textile was developed in Italy with world-renowned sports glove maker Reusch.

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