Stainless Games has just completed a $3.5 million funding round for Carmageddon: Resurrection.

Remember Carmageddon? The game that single handedly started the “concerned mothers against video games movement” by giving you points for running over pedestrians? Well, original developers Stainless Games are hard at work on Carmageddon: Resurrection, a reboot of the series. It has announced that after successful completing a fundraising round, the budget of the game has increased to $3.5 million, allowing Stainless to bring the game to next-gen consoles, as well as PC, Mac, and Linux.

The extra funds came from Les Edgar, who Stainless Games announced as the new funding partner for Carmageddon: Resurrection. Les is a shareholder in Stainless, founder of Bullfrog Productions (creator of Theme Hospital) and a former VP of EA Europe.

“I have always had a great belief in Stainless, and I really admire their continued success as one of the leading indie dev studios. The Carmageddon name is one we all want to see rise again, and I know that in the hands of its original creators, we’re bound to get the best out of the brand.” said Les Edgar. “I’m delighted to be on board and helping make the project happen.”

“The extra investment brings the total fund for development to $3.5m. We’re really excited at the opportunity this gives us to deliver exactly what Carmageddon is all about, and what we know you fans want – great gameplay, crazy humour, and unprecedented FUN. And what’s fantastic is that we can now do this in a truly independent production, across the range of platforms, that will maximise its impact and blast the brand back into life for gamers right across the globe!”

Stainless Games say that Resurrection will be a faithful tribute to the original game. The game is still in the early development stages, and the developer is actively urging fans to sign up on the forums and share their own thoughts on what the game should be. A recent kickstarter raised $625,143 for the project.

Stainless Games recently released an iOS version of the original Carmageddon, and says that an android release is “pending.”

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