What was supposed to be tense and rewarding gameplay seems to be just plain old hard instead.

The “nightmare” sections in Atlus’ erotic thriller, Catherine, might be a little too aptly named, as players in Japan are complaining that they’re too hard. Those complaints have prompted Atlus to start work on a patch that will make the whole game easier.

The nightmare sections see lead character Vincent climbing huge towers made of blocks. Players can move these blocks into different positions to create paths and stairways as Vincent climbs ever higher in a desperate scramble to escape his monstrous pursuers. Writing on the game’s official blog, director Katsura Hashino said the reason that the nightmare sections were so hard was because team had tried to fill them with tension, and give players a sense of accomplishment when they completed them.

There’s no timetable for when the patch will arrive, although as a stopgap, the official site has a new “advice” section, which offers tips and hints for getting through the game. These only help with the game’s easy mode, however, so anyone playing on a higher difficulty level is going out of luck. Hopefully, if the game does make it to the West, this patch will come along with it.

Source: Andriasang

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