J.J. Abrams’ new television show is all about preventing crimes before they happen, but not with Tom Cruise.

J.J. Abrams wants to prevent future crimes. On TV, that is. That’s right, the man behind Fringe, Cloverfield, and Star Trek is teaming up with Jonah Nolan (director Christopher Nolan’s brother) to create a new show that seems to be taking a note from Minority Report, and CBS is Officially Interested in the show.

Nolan wrote the pilot script for a show called Person of Interest, which CBS has just ordered a pilot episode for. The plot apparently “centers on an ex-CIA hitman and a scientist who team up to prevent crimes before they happen.” Nolan and Abrams are going to serve as executive producers for the show, too.

If I were just going on the plot summary alone, I’m not sure I’d be super-interested in Person of Interest. But it’s written by one of the co-writers of The Dark Knight and has J.J. Abrams involved with it, too, so I’m actually kind of enthusiastic about it.

Source: THR via io9

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