The Polish-based studio details its game plan over the next few years.

CD Projekt has earned itself a loyal fan base over the years, with its release of The Witcher series, its firm stance against DRM and its post-release product support. Now, the company is looking further afield, revealing a schedule to publish more games and open an office in the US by 2016.

According to a strategy document on its website (translated from Polish), CD Projekt announced that it intends to release “two smaller (titles)” over the next three years to support one of the company’s products. The report indicated that both games would have lengths of “approximately 20 hours”, so the efforts don’t appear to be insignificant.

In addition, CD Projekt plans to release a “cross-platform game on mobile platforms based on one of our brands”, as well as starting license sales of REDengine and providing “development support for community modders”.

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt and Cyberpunk 2077 will be sold during this timeframe, with The Witcher 3 to be available on “at least three strong platforms including PC hardware and PS4“. The Witcher 3 will also be receiving “long-term support” via a “completely new mechanism”, which may simply be a means to deliver new patches and add-ons.

Finally, the company announced its intention to cross borders by starting up “a local representation of CD Projekt RED” in the United States, which will be responsible for marketing and PR events in the Americas as soon as this year. This new US office will also house a representative for, the company’s DRM-free online distribution channel: the new role will be overseeing “business development and recruitment” for the online store.

Source: CD Projekt RED via Videogamer

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