Expo Discount Embed

For the next week, you’ll get 50% off your 3-Day Pass for Expo 2013!

This week marks The Escapist‘s 8th birthday, which means it’s time for presents! It’s better to give than to receive, so they say, and we’re happy to be giving back to you, our loyal readers. This year, to celebrate our birthday, we’re offering a full 50% off (that’s 20 bucks, for reference) on purchases of 3-Day Passes to Expo 2013. Buy your tickets anytime between now and July 17th and you’ll get three full days of Expo goodness for a paltry 20 dollars.

I suppose you’ll want some specifics about the offer. Well, here goes. From July 10 through July 17 (11:59pm Eastern US Time,) all 3-Day Expo Passes are only $20, with no coupons or other hassles to worry about. Just add the 3-Day Pass to your cart, and the discount will be applied when you go to check out. As you might expect, no additional coupons can be applied to these purchases.

Escapist Expo 2013 will take place October 4, 5, and 6 in Durham, North Carolina. We’ll have all your favorite Escapist personalities, from Zero Punctuation‘s Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw and Jimquisition‘s Jim Sterling to Escape to the Movies‘ Bob “MovieBob” Chipman. There will also be Magic tournaments, tabletop RPGs, panels, and cosplay contests running throughout the weekend. If you’re interested in volunteering for Expo 2013, you can sign up to join the Hard Corps, our volunteer group, right here.

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