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Celebrate Those Who Let You Play In Peace


I stopped off at the local GameStop during my lunch break to pick up a new game (yes, despite what you’ve heard, we glamorous game journalist types still have to buy our games now and then) and was reminded of how fortunate I am to have people in my life who support and understand my gaming habit. As I was being rung up, a woman next to me was buying a copy of Fallout 3 for her husband. I told her that I strongly suggested she pick up the strategy guide as well, and she countered that her husband was an ex-Marine, and could certainly figure the game out. I explained that it wasn’t a matter of intelligence – I’m sure he’s more than capable of figuring out what button does what – but rather that there’s just so much going on that it’s helpful to have it all written down somewhere.

I really wasn’t prepared for the response I got next. I probably should’ve been, but I wasn’t.

“He’s already going to play this for two whole days after I give it to him,” she said. “I don’t want to make it any easier for him to play it.”

Yes, by all means. Do whatever you can to prevent your husband from enjoying the game you are purchasing for him, for that is the kind and loving thing to do. Stupid cow.

Ok, granted, I know nothing about this woman, her husband, or their relationship. All I know is the complete and utter disdain with which she talked about him playing games and honestly, that told me more than a month spent on a desert island with her would.

So this guy will get his Fallout 3, which she will make him feel bad for playing, and either he’ll stop playing it to make her happy, or he’ll suffer her displeasure. Lame, either way.

So take a moment to be thankful for those who let you game in peace. Who may not understand or appreciate your hobby, but don’t make you feel bad for enjoying it yourself. Give ’em a hug. Say thank you. Send them a particularly poignant text message, something. Just let them know that you appreciate them, because man, you could have it so much worse.

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