CES: Nyko Unveils Wand, $40 Motion Plus Wii Remote


At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nyko announced some new peripherals, including it’s version of the Wii Remote replacement with the Motion Plus addon included.

A revision of Nyko’s Wand, the new version of the controller contains the Nintendo Wii Motion Plus addon inside the casing and retails for only $40. The Wand uses Nyko’s Trans-Port technology which basically allows it to communicate control and vibration with attached peripherals digitally, something Nintendo’s controller doesn’t offer. Also, the “1” and “2” buttons are larger which are intended to make classic gaming easier when the controller is turned sideways. The new Wand will be available in April.

Also announced was a black version of Nyko’s Charge Base IC, and a Charge Base Quad IC that can accommodate charging 4 controllers at once. The Charge Bases are cool because of the induction technology which charges the battery without needing a physical contact. Magnets hold the controllers in place and an electronic field provides the juice. The black base and Quad IC are due out in March.

Nyko is not just betting on its line of Wii accesories. There is also the Intercooler, which attaches to the PlayStation Slim to increase airflow, and the Media Hub+, which adds 3 USB ports and a card reader to your PS3.

I’ve got to say that Nyko is certainly tossing out a lot of accessories that expand the capability of your consoles and add a buttload of convenience. Kind of makes me wish I had an unlimited cash supply. Also, a pony.

Source: Joystiq and The Wiire

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