Champions Online Lifetime Subscriptions Are Back


Yes, you can once again make a lifetime commitment to Champions Online. Cryptic Studios has brought back its limited time only discount subscriptions because of popular demand.

Want to be a lifer in Champions Online? Are you ready to drop $200 bucks on the commitment? Contrary to how things were a mere 24 hours ago, Cryptic has announced that its lifetime and six-month subscriptions offers for its upcoming superhero MMOG are back in business, by popular demand.

“Earlier this week, we gave notice that we were running out of special Lifetime and 6-month promotional subscriptions,” Cryptic community man Daeke wrote. “Within a day, the rest of our supply had been sold out, leaving a number of you confused and upset. The response to this promotion has been overwhelming and we want to thank everyone who posted on our forums, called customer service and sent e-mails over these past few days.”

So now the deal is back on until the end of this month, and this time around there are no supply limits. There were a limited amount of subscriptions available the first time around – and some of you guys speculated that Cryptic pulled out because they realized they could be losing money here – but no matter what reason they cut off the deal before, apparently it doesn’t matter now.

I personally don’t think Cryptic sees any risk to their business now if they’re willing to put this deal back on without any sort of limits that I can see. The only limits that exist seem to be those on the company’s account servers, which apparently are getting hammered to the point of malfunction. Cryptic says they’ve been working on the problems and they should be fixed by now. So go on, pledge your life to Champions Online.

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