ABC is rebooting Charlie’s Angels, but don’t hold your breath for Farrah hair.

Broadcast network CBS is seeing success with a rebooted version of the classic television program Hawaii Five-0, and now it looks like ABC wants in on the remake action. The network has greenlit the pilot for a new Charlie’s Angels series, which will be updated and set in Miami. Writer-producers Miles Millar and Al Gough chose Florida because they wanted to lay off Los Angeles (the location of both the original series and the recent feature films), but keep the sun-and-surf angle of the original. Also sticking around from the original series: Charlie’s voice on speaker phone. The project is a modern take, but as Gough promises EW, there will be no “skyping or teleconferencing.”

In discussing how he and Millar would approach the show, Gough told EW, “It won’t be campy or retro. The characters are real and emotionally grounded, but they still like to have fun, wear great clothes, solve crime and kick some serious ass.” The titular angels have yet to be cast, but Gough reports that the audition process is underway.

The project has a former Angel behind the scenes, as Drew Barrymore (Charlie’s Angels, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle) is one of three executive producers. The team of Millar and Gough aren’t unfamiliar with handling existing properties, as the pair were responsible for writing and producing Smallville. Rounding out the potential creative team, Entertainment Weekly reports “there’s an offer out to Mark Piznarski (Gossip Girl) to direct.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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