The newest trailer for The Evil Within 2 gives you a look inside Sebastian’s mind at how the ghosts of his past haunt him.

Bethesda has released a new trailer for The Evil Within 2 that shows off some gameplay, and gives you a look inside main character Sebastian Castellanos’ mind as he strives to find his lost daughter, Lily.

To find Lily, Sebastian will have to return to the STEM world, but he’s up against time. The STEM world is falling apart, and if he doesn’t find lily soon, she’ll be lost forever.

In addition to the trailer, Bethesda has also supplied details of the game’s pre-order bonus, the “Last Chance Pack.” It includes the following:

  • The Burst Handgun: This exclusive weapon is only available through The Last Chance Pack and uses handgun bullets that can be found or crafted.
  • Crafting Supplies: Upgrade your go-to weapon, craft additional ammo, or make traps to incapacitate enemies with these supplies available at the start of your descent into Union.
  • Medical Supplies: You’ll need to stay alive to save Lily, and these medical supplies will give you the aid you need to venture deeper into the madness.

The Evil Within 2 is coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on Friday, October 13. You can find more information on the game on its official website.


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