Check Out Sega’s Urinal Console In Action

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Sega’s new “Toylet” system combines peeing, games, and manly competition. And now there’s a video of how it works!

Remember how, during the Holidays, Sega revealed that it was working on a new console that would violate public indecency statutes if played in public? Because you have to pee to play it? Because it’s attached to a urinal? Seriously? You don’t remember that? What’s wrong with you? Well, guess what? There’s now a YouTube video showing the thing in action, and it’s about as ridiculous as everyone expected.

At the recent Digital Signage show in Japan, Sega’s new game system (“Toylet”) was on display (conveniently near the men’s bathrooms), where it apparently garnered a lot of attention from attendees. Based on the footage, as well as the explanation by Sega producer Hirotaka Machida, the game model is based on two very sound concepts: We dudes like to aim at stuff when we pee, and we also like to compete with each other in totally juvenile (and awesome) ways.

The system isn’t actually a toilet on its own, it’s an LCD screen and a speed sensor, which measures the speed and amount of time it takes a person to pee. The urine stream is measured via microwaves, measurements are then calculated about the overall urine volume, and individual rankings are then listed.

Sega has revealed that it’s planning to start selling units in November, with a price tage of 140,000 ¥ (around $1750). Of course, it’s expected that the Toylet will appear in bars, hotels, and restaurants; unfortunately no plans have been announced for the system to come to America.

Source: Topless Robot

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