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To promote the release of XCOM:EW next week, 2K Games will be showing off gameplay on Twitch.

There’s a lot of games coming out soon – you may have heard of a few new consoles on the horizon. But PC gamers have a treat coming to them next week when the turn-based strategy of XCOM expands with Enemy Within. I’ve spoken to Lead Designer Ananda Gupta a couple of times about what’s in store, and I’ve had a chance to play with the new features in preparation for my review. But you don’t need to take my word for it, you can check out the live stream today from 2K Games starting at 11am PT or 2pm ET.

The 2K Games livestream will be on Twitch here and will concentrate on the multiplayer. There’s tons of new maps, and you can even play as members of EXALT when you engage in turn-based competition with your frenemies. Check out 2K staff as they battle it out today.

Later today, The Escapist will also be live-streaming some Enemy Within on our own Twitch channel. The plan is to play through an especially fun new Council mission in singleplayer and show off some of the new features like gene mods. The Escapist‘s stream starts at 4pm ET or 1pm PT. I hope you join us!

Here’s that schedule in list form, for easy digestion:

2pm ET – 2K Games Official Enemy Within Multiplayer stream
4pm ET – The Escapist Singleplayer EW Stream – Fishing Village mission
8pm ET – 2K Games Official Enemy Within Multiplayer stream (Rebroadcast)

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