Check Out This Joystick For The iPad


If you’re a hardcore iPad gamer, you might want to check out this little accessory.

Virtual joysticks are a staple of game design when it comes to the iPhone and iPad, but they’re not exactly beloved by those who have to use them. Sometimes the systems’ touchscreen interfaces don’t detect movement well, or the control area is too small for comfort. Ten One Designs is working to fix this problem with its newest product: an actual analog joystick that attaches to the iPad screen.

Dubbed “The Fling”, the joystick attaches to the screen via suction cups. It features a transparent design and actually looks like a pretty effective way to control games on the system, based on the footage shown. The Fling’s transparent so it doesn’t obscure the view of what’s going on beneath it, though customers can choose one of three color accents.

No official release date has been announced for the Fling yet. That said, the joystick can be pre-ordered for $24.95. This probably sounds a bit steep to anyone who doesn’t play a lot of games on their iPad (which I do, being a game journalist), but it looks like a pretty cool little device.

Source: Ten One Design via Joystiq

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