Cheech and Chong and Tron


Would you like to watch a video of Cheech and Chong debating the impact of the economic crisis on the price of dime bags while racing on psychedelically-enhanced Tron lightcycles? Now’s your chance!

Allow me to set the scene: Cheech and Chong, the world’s most famous pair of stoners, are concerned about the price of marijuana. Will inflationary pressures force the price of a dime bag to $30? Or will economic stagnation driven by declining consumer confidence keep those pressures in check and the price of a dime bag at $20? The debate rages back and forth until the duo realizes there’s only one way to settle the matter: Tron for it.

The clip is part of the Cinemash series of digital videos available on MSN that lets users see “reinterpretations, from a comedic perspective, of classical scenes from popular movies for free.” The version distributed by Microsoft is an edit, while the one kicking around on YouTube is the full version by Color Stampede, which includes some behind-the-scenes footage showing how the video was created.

I’m not sure how much more can be said about this, because it’s obviously not something that’s suddenly going to make sense if only it’s explained more carefully. Cheech and Chong debate finances and ride lightcycles; you either want to see that, or you don’t. Enjoy!

via: Joystiq

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