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Children of Morta – Review in 3 Minutes


Children of Morta is a roguelike action RPG developed by Dead Mage. You play as the Bergsons, a family defending the world from a corrupted god. When this god takes over the bodies of three powerful spirits, the Bergsons must fight hordes of monsters, corrupted creatures, and their allies to reach and cleanse the spirits. As they progress, they learn the truth about the god that threatens the world and how they can stop it.

Ultimately, Children of Morta is not a bad game, but the story is the only thing that really stands out as being good. Couch co-op better illustrates how the family works together and adds some life to trudging through the dungeons. However, the gameplay doesn’t have enough variety or surprises to be a good roguelike, and the progression is too shallow and sparse to work as an RPG.

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Review copy provided by the publisher. Reviewed on PC.

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