Axe Cop, the delightfully absurd web comic written by a 6-year-old and illustrated by his 29-year-old brother, adapts to live action startlingly well.

Axe Cop is quite the web comic. It features a police officer who rides a T-Rex with machine-gun arms named Wexter who fights alongside companions like Uni-Baby, Dinosaur Soldier, and Sockarang against the evil forces of Bad Santa, Evil Flying Book, and King Evilfatsozon.

All of Axe Cop is written by 6-year-old Malachai Nicolle, in a sterling example of the weirdness that children can come up with. His 29-year-old comic book artist brother, Ethan, heard Malachai raving about his imaginary persona, and enjoyed the story so much he drew a one page comic.

That one page comic has now developed into an 80 episode saga, with rabid fans who send in questions to be answered in an “Ask Axe Cop” series.

And now, thanks to Peter Muehlenberg, he’s a live action badass.

Source: io9

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