Christian Game Publisher Looks to Walmart for Help


Left Behind Games hopes that placement in Walmart will help its Christian-themed titles reach gamers.

Christian games have always been rather niche, never having gained much traction in the mainstream market. But Left Behind Games CEO Troy Lyndon hopes to change that as the games will make their way to an assortment of Walmart shelves around the United States.

This distribution follows an early test Walmart conducted in Texas during the 2009 Christmas season, and the company is interested in a more national distribution. Walmart’s decision has given greater exposure to Left Behind Games, and Lyndon hopes this will help spread Christian gaming further. “Our Walmart strategy continues to be validated as we focus on placement, promotions and sales for the 2010 holiday gift giving season, when a majority of games are sold,” said Lyndon.

Left Behind Games has been moving to create Christian titles more viable with the mainstream by producing games such as Left Behind: Trials and Tribulations, an RTS that pits the player against the forces of the antichrist. With Walmart already receptive to the idea of Christian products, having begun selling Christian music, fiction, and nonfiction, videogames seems the next logical step.

Source: Industry Gamers

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