Cha’ki’vi-Ji, (Earth Era 1989),

The planet of Cha’ki’vi-Ji, has greatly made advances in science and sociality standards, at least by their standards. The supreme council , meets to hear a case , there is but two verdicts , death or instant death, for no criminal is innocent , there are very few mistakes in solving crimes.

The orange-yellow stone-like skinned Cha’ki’vi-Ji men , wearing white and orange robes , steps into chamber where three other Cha’ki’vi-Ji men are standing. The two men on the right and left, wear white and orange robes , the man in the center, is dressed in black uniform.

“Cherukuri von gurkoogen.” (Justice is decided, your fate is the hands of family)

“Koo Koo Koo da chu isy” (I am Innocent, I am Innocent, I am Innocent! The child lies!”

“Cherukuri von gurkoogen.”

“Vinyenengazi, Koo da merka!” (I freely confess to theft, I am innocent of the murders and rapes!)

“Nok-Jjai” (Silence him!)

The Cha’ki’vi-Ji man in the black uniform is zapped by the two men standing near him. He drops to the ground , as they zap him again. Then more guards appear, the man in the Cha’ki’vi-Ji black uniform , is dragged from the room.

A few hours later,

The Cha’ki’vi-Ji man in the black uniform, bound to a giant wheel, feels his battered face lifted up, an elderly Cha’ki’vi-Ji man, called Gi-yun, demands, “Von ca’bikrusik gi-ru-chu-lok?” (Murderer where is my girl child). The Cha’ki’vi-Ji man in black whispers, “Koo da chu isy.”

Gi-yun punches the man in black, “Isy!” He then begins to strike and batter the man in black’s face, screaming “VON CA’BIKRUSIK GI-RU-CHU-LOK!”

The hours slip by , floating in and out of consciousness , the Cha’ki’vi-Ji man in black, is asked again and again , about the missing children , the dead , the murders and the rapes, his response drawing a beating from the family members.

In the darkness , a shadow slips into the cell , slowly a Cha’ki’vi-Ji female appears , she lifts the man’s face , saying “Von da Koo da merka, Nok-ShSier,” (You are innocent of the murders and rapes, we know this to be so.) She begins to unhook him, then drags him towards the door, it opens at her touch.

“Basavaraju-da-von-gur-chu-lok, Nok-Lito-von-il” (You are not safe, someone of great power ,maybe the child emperor, commits the crimes you were found guilty of)

“Gazi, Utzi, von-rell, yita, araju” (Theft, assault , drugs, sloth, being useless are your crimes)

She pushes him into a room, then pulls the door shut , she lifts his face , “Chysin-Gyi, U-th-ha-hay-a-say-sooriyan.” (Chysin-Gyi you are being given a new lease on life, do not waste it)

Elsewhere , 2002 Earth ,

“Vipasina Ra-jin , I am letting the dogs loose!” The massive Mexican American man, calls into the darken fields , he then nods, as two men appear with two dogs each , these dogs are over three foot tall, and rippled in metal. The dogs are released, they take off in blur , the men quickly follow.

A young teenager girl , struggles through the mud that pulls her deeper and deeper , as she struggles, she wears a pink jump suit and her head is shaved. She begins to cry , then she touches a thing , another living being.

Chysin-Gyi screams to himself , as the portal he was using was destroyed , sending him off course, and shredding him through time and space. He shakes the summoning sickness from his body , then hears “Help me,” He turns looking , then he watches as an arrow appears in the air.

He begins to walk , then run , then suddenly a small hairless ape rushes pass him and hides behind him. Two of the four dogs , jump at him , without even thinking about a wall of force appears , the dogs splatter into a bloody mess on impact.

Reaching out with her telepathic ability , Vipasina Ra-jin says “Bad men, coming,” She struggles with the sheer control to tap the mind of the creature. Slowly they are surrounded by the two dogs and three men.

“Zanga-da-von-ta?” Chysin-Gyi asks (What do you want with the little creature?)

One of the men speaks up , “What the hell is that?” Chysin-Gyi stands at seven foot , six inches, with the build of an olympic weight lifter. The Mexican American man , shrugs , “Hell if I know,” Suddenly the last man rushes forward , “Boo , Pici, my babies!”

He kneels over the dogs , as they whimper and wag their tails. Chysin-Gyi turns to the girl, “Chiao-da-Song?” (Are you their dinner?) She shakes her head , then Chysin-Gyi, then asks, “Chiao-da-Ciurs-da-shang-von-ka-hitmutga-ra?” (Are you their property, a slave, a criminal) She struggles with her telepathic powers, the Mexican American man begins to speak , when suddenly the events of the last few days begin to play out.

Chysin-Gyi watches the teenager kidnaped , in Russia , then transported to China in a truck, then to the US by ship, he can feel the sadness in the women around the teenager. After which the women are sold , those with a strong will are taken away.

Then comes the van ride , where teenager uses telekinetic push to open the door , and escape. She sits down , and watches Chysin-Gyi, whom asks “Chi- va-ha-huan-who?” (This is sad, but is it wrong?) She feels her heart sink, and begins to cry , whispering “Not to you, I guess,”

The Mexican American man speaks up, “She belongs to us, please return her to us,” Chysin-Gyi, turns to the man, lowers the force field , then as the man takes a step forward , “CHI-HA-VA-HAN-HA-HOOK!” Unleashing a massive beam of energy , consuming the dogs and men in a single blast, they are thrown through the air , and land in the road a few yards away.

Vipasina Ra-jin is yanked to her feet , Chysin-Gyi , pushes her away , “Chi-ha-Chi” (Mine now), then he shoves her away , “Chi-ja-ha-e-tai-da-von-ta” (Go away, I have no use for you, little creature) Chysin-Gyi , begins to walk away , she watches him , then begins to follow.

She watches as he loots the half conscious men, taking their belongings , and whatever little item that he so desires. Vipasina , quickly moves to find the car keys to one of the trucks , or the van, as she picks up the keys , she spins , Chysin-Gyi snatches the keys from her hand , and shoves her backwards. “Chi-ha!” (Mine) She curls up into a sitting position , and closes her eyes.

Chysin-Gyi meanwhile, goes through the vehicles, once he has gone through he sits on the pavement playing with the items he taken , touching and exploring everything. He is aware of the men, slowly standing up , they look at him, then to the girl , all three take off into the field , the dogs lie on their sides , with broken bones.

After a few minutes , Chysin-Gyi closes his eyes , and falls asleep.

Vipasina Ra-jin gets up in the middle night , walks to Chysin-Gyi , then curls up next him, he half wakes , then turns away from her. Vipasina , closes her eyes , she is only half aware of Chysin-Gyi covering her with a blanket he found in one of the vehicles.

Sometime around noon the next day, the local sheriff , and his deputy, jump out of their car, followed another sheriff truck , the Mexican American man exits with two more deputies , they walk up to the van , as the sheriff , breathes, “Awwww sleeping like babies,” He then grabs a large fat deputy who was the driver of the truck , pushing him forward, “Wake them up, Bert,”

The fat deputy , creeps up to Chysin-Gyi and Vipasina , he then in a shaky voice , “P..please wa..wake up” Vipasina , rises first then shakes Chysin-Gyi , he rolls over , and slowly stands up.

“Now there is a big man, sure he didn’t punch you?” The sheriff, says to the Mexican American man, whom states, “He shot energy at us, and killed Peter, some dogs too.”

Telepathically Vipasina tells, Chysin-Gyi , “Those are police officers, don’t kill them or blast them or whatever,” Chysin-Gyi watches as the sheriff approaches them, “This man’s friend died this morning, they said, you and your friend attacked them for no reason,”

“Shrirk-ga-kar-shrirk-da-va-ka,” Chysin-Gyi says , (I took what I wanted, they were not strong enough to keep it)

Vipasina clears her throat, “He says , he came across these men chasing me, and intervened.” The sheriff, scratches his head, “What language is that?” She replies “Cha’ki’vi-Ji,” The sheriff turns as one of the deputy says , “I think I seen that on the discovery channel.” The sheriff, turns back , then begins to walk from the road , to the field, he kneels down at the spot of where Chysin-Gyi had blasted the men and dogs.

He walks back , then stops before Chysin-Gyi , looking him over, “Very odd that your tracks began in the middle of the field. Other than that, I can tell you and the girl were not together to begin with. She came from the road.” A deputy motions to the sheriff , he walks over to the van , the deputy whispers so only the sheriff can hear, “Slave trader?”

The sheriff nods, “That explains a bit,” He motions to the fat deputy , who grabs the Mexican American man , drawing him to the van, the sheriff , asks , “Are you a slave trader boy?” The Mexican American man, shakes his head, “Hell no sir, I would..” The sheriff smacks him with a nightstick, the Mexican American man drops in a heap, the sheriff , says again , “Are you a slave trader, son?” The Mexican American nods, the sheriff, paces , then turns to the girl , “Look, here little girl, this is how this is going to play out. You and your big friend , are going to take one of the vehicles, then leave. This man will sell you it for one dollar , the items your friend looted from them, we are going to split fifty-fifty,” He grabs the Mexican American man, “I hope you are a good worker , son,”

“Empty your pockets on the police car ,” Vipasina tells Chysin-Gyi looks at her , she glares at him, he begins to pull out the stuff , while the deputy’s begin to go through the vehicles. Vipasina , gets the stuff to feed and water the wounded dogs.

A few hours and many miles away , “Wa-sa da-yi-va-div Chi-ha”Chysin-Gyi demands (Why did you give what was mine). Vipasina , driving , answers, “I didn’t want to hurt those police officers.” She switches on the radio , she watches out of the corner of her eye , as Chysin-Gyi begins to read the novel left behind by one of the men, an aged copy of a Zane Grey novel. She feels her stomach grumble.

The country music station begins to play a Hank Williams song , she begins to sing long with it softly. She is unaware of Chysin-Gyi singing too , though softer.

The miles pass quickly , hunger and needing gas , Vipasina pulls into a gas station , she tells Chysin-Gyi , “I need money for gas and food,” He looks at her , then hands her some of the cash , around two hundred dollars , she thanks him, he climbs out of the van.

He watches , as two men dressed in heavy coats , jump from a blue four door car , he shrugs , then walks around to watch Vipasina to pump gas. She tells him , “You noticed the car too,” She nods towards the blue four door car , Chysin-Gyi , says “Zan-va-die.” (Hard not to). She finishes pumping then turns to him , grabbing his arm , dragging him towards the dinner.

Inside , Valit Davek, holds the shotgun on the pretty young clerk, he drools , fantasying about her, he turns as his partner, Danny Kunol , whistles , “The motherload , look at this, Funky T,” Valit , walks over to his partner , who is holding open a briefcase full of diamonds. The little old man , and his wife , shake from fear , frozen , as Danny attempts to pull the briefcase from the old man’s arm.

“Where is the key old man?!” Danny demands , the old man doesn’t reply , Valit Davek puts the shotgun to the old woman’s head , as he does her wig falls off , revealing a middle aged man. Valit breathes , “Gross..” Danny then points, “Look!” The wig is cover with small rubies and other gems.

“He must have more,” Danny says , Valit puts the shotgun to the middle aged man’s temple , and says “Tell us where the key and what else you got old man, or I kill him.” Danny breathes , “Screw that, we will kill everyone in here ,” Valit smiles, “Yeah this dude might know too.. but not the clerk, I want her.”

Vipasina pulls a pointed witch hat from the bargain bin, she puts it on, uses a scarf to cover her face, she turns to Chysin-Gyi, looks him over, then hands him a cowboy hat and scarf, he gives a look , she drops the cowboy hat and scarf. She pulls off her scarf , whispering , “Party pooper, I am keeping the hat..” Chysin-Gyi , pulls it down to cover her face a bit more.

As Danny is finding their first victim , Vipasina and Chysin-Gyi walk towards him , his back turn to them , he turns , only to be picked up by the throat by Chysin-Gyi. Vipasina lifts a hand , strains as two bands of energy grab , Valit , preventing him from moving , she then strains and dragging him towards her. She struggles , Chysin-Gyi begins to crush Danny’s neck and throat , he begins to kick, she breathes, “Careful,” Chysin-Gyi , relaxes his grip , Danny breathes , “Let..let..go of me,” Vipasina , stops , she turns to Chysin-Gyi , saying , “No!” Valit drops to his knees , he begins to pick up his shotgun, but it is yanked from his grasp.

Vipasina , turns to Chysin-Gyi, she telepathically tells him, “Please don’t kill him,” Chysin-Gyi turns to look at her , “Wa-sa?” (Why), he asks. She says , “What do you mean, why? He is a child, it’s a bad thing to do…” Then softly , “Because I am asking,” Chysin-Gyi drops him as the police begin to arrive , they quickly take the two teenagers , the imprints of Chysin-Gyi’s grip on his neck.

Meanwhile as the police begin to show up, Kurt Gaius , guns the engine , he races towards the exit, as he does a little girl breaks from her mother’s hand and rushes into the path of the on coming car. Kurt Gaius , gets an evil grin , as the little girl tries to move backwards , he steers toward , laughing and smiling.

Chysin-Gyi turns as Vipasina flashes him a mental image of the little girl , he closes his eyes , and vanishes. He reappears , next to the little girl , as the car is about to impact , he throws up a wall of energy , the car hits and folds in on itself eight times.

Chysin-Gyi begins to walk away when the little girl , throws herself around his leg , he tells her, “Chi-ja-ha-e” (Go away). The mother races to the little girl, and begins to check. She begins to chant, “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,”

Chysin-Gyi , sits down at a table with Vipasina , she hands him a bag , “Candy, we got three bags full of stuff too, you get one and I get two.” He watches her , then to himself “U-th-ha-hay-a-say-sooriyan.” She watches him, a lady appears, “I am the owner, anything you want is on the house.” Vipasina , slides a menu to Chysin-Gyi, but she can feel he is somewhere else.

In the darkness , Vipasina sucks on a jolly rancher , she left a hundred dollar tip for the lady, as she recalls her saying , “This is the eighteenth time they robbed us , use to get worst each time,” She turns over, Chysin-Gyi reflections from dinner , as they drift across America.

Elsewhere, a young man, barely twenty picks up the phone at the edge of main street in Whittleweave, Colorado. He is dressed in a short black jacket, with red and white jeans, at his side is a large cat, with a fin down its back to it tail.

“Its ringing,” He looks down at the cat , then a voice answers , “Cobalt Lions, Diane speaking,” He states , “Iron Mammoth crew is in…” The phone goes dead , he hangs it up , turns to the cat, “Terra-Mane we are on our own again,” He begins down the street , pulling his mask from his coat pocket , and siding the black mask with gold over the eyes on.

The Iron Mammoth , six individuals , with above average armored suits , land at the bank , their leader , wearing iron gray armor , with a round fish bowl helmet, levels a blast , knocking out a wall. People begin to scatter , the other individuals in similiar armor , begin to blast the guards , killing them.

The leader , directs them , “Mammoth’s tear out the vault,” The Iron Mammoths’ begin to tear the metal vault door off. Then the leader , flies into the vault , he begins to load the money into the bags, his men begin to take apart the safety deposit boxes.

The police begin to arrive , the leader turns to a larger armored suit , “Teach the pigs a lesson,”

The police begin to clear the near by streets , and buildings , as an Iron Mammoth comes out , he levels a hand , turning it into a mini-gun, he begins to spray the streets. The officers pull people behind the cars but the bullets cut through the cars like a hot knife through bullet.

The Iron Mammoth , uses his sensory equipment , to scan for the officers , he levels his mini-gun , when a blast explodes , he is throw to the ground.

The young man in short black jacket , quickly reloads the double barrel , with one hand , while he draws a smoke grenade , with the other hand. He drops the smoke grenade , the Iron Mammoth switches to thermal vision , levels his mini-gun at the young man when the large cat, Terra-Mane tackles the Iron Mammoth.

The young man , waves the police to leave , as he circles the Iron Mammoth , firing his shotgun, knocking the Iron Mammoth down. Instantly other Iron Mammoths are appear, the young man , drops the shotgun , drawing out Uzi style submachine guns.

He strafes , as the Iron Mammoths come at him , striking their metal armor , he leads them south away from the people , he sprays without aiming. Lasers and bullets fly towards him , he dodges , dropping smoke grenades , with his wrist switch.

He tosses away the Uzi style submachine guns, switch to a full automatic rifle , then he turns as the leader of the Iron Mammoth , strikes him , he goes flying.

The light changes to red , Vipasina is rocking to her Poison CD , as she does a young man goes flying pass them, followed by four Iron Mammoths , she looks at Chysin-Gyi, “Somehow I don’t think that is normal,” She turns , and follows the flying Iron Mammoths, Chysin-Gyi states “Tai-vu-die-von-eze,” (You are bad luck). She glares at him, “I wasn’t one who wanted to go north,” She teases him, “Go north you said, let’s see the mountains you said, peaceful the mountains will be,”

The young man hits the ground , with a thud , he begins to get up , when an Iron Mammoth hits him, another one kicks him, he feels the world going dark.

The Iron Mammoth level a blaster at the young man, he looks up , as the Iron Mammoth begins to fire , a sound comes from behind. The four Iron Mammoths’ turn as one , Vipasina and Chysin-Gyi stand behind them. One of the Iron Mammoth begins to speak , when Chysin-Gyi lets out a scream of “CHI-HA-VA-HAN-HA-HOOK!” Consuming one Iron Mammoth in a beam of energy , so strong it tears up the road , and breaks glass , the Iron Mammoth is flatten against a building.

Vipasina lifts a hand , a ball of blue energy engulfs another Iron Mammoth , he begins to struggle , screaming “I am blind!” She makes a fist , and yanks the Iron Mammoth from his feet , throwing him aside , and into a car.

The remaining two Iron Mammoth take off into the air, Vipasina rushes to the hurt young man’s side , and checks him.

Two more Iron Mammoths appear, the leader hovers and demands , “Who are you?” Vipasina helps the young to his feet, she turns to the leader of the Iron Mammoths , “Ra-jin and Chysin-Gyi, I am guessing you’re.. let me guess, the Dirty Fishbowl team?” The leader replies, “Very funny , we are the Iron Mammoths,”

She watches the leader , “Iron Mammoths never would have guessed that, with the fishbowl on your head and all.” She telepathically whispers, to Chysin-Gyi, “They are going to hit you in about three seconds,” As she finishes they turn their blasters on Chysin-Gyi , they pummel the ground for over a minute , then one of them says , “He’s dead,” As he says that Chysin-Gyi teleports behind them, screaming “CHI-HA-VA-HAN-HA-HOOK!”

The leader screams , as he is hit point blank with a powerful blast , knocking him into the ground.

At that same heartbeat both Vipasina picks up a fallen Iron Mammoth , and throws him into the left side Iron Mammoth , at the same time the young man levels a laser pistol on the final Iron Mammoth , firing into it.

It is midnight a week later when Vipasina pulls into a building parking lot, she is greeted by a large man and a woman with long black hair. She brings them to the van, Chysin-Gyi is asleep, she taps the glass , and he opens the door.

The man says , “It doesn’t pay much , the entire top floor is yours though.”

Vipasina sits watching the city of Agate, as Chysin-Gyi steps onto the roof, she doesn’t turn or say anything. He stands next to her , for a long time in silence , then says , “Or-i-yan-da-zang-von-da-oor-urga-vin-Kintachvook,” (For the first time, I have something I didn’t have to steal or win)

She smiles, as he repeats the lyrics to a Bon Jovi song, then she adds , “I’m glad we found each other,” Chysin-Gyi sits beside her and watches the city

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