City of Heroes Goes Steampunk


Grab your crazy moustaches and sexy lace-up boots: City of Heroes is about to give you access to a steampunk booster pack.

Are you sad that you were born today instead of a hundred years ago? Do think you missed your calling as a mad scientist or a flintlock vigilante? Well, good news: City of Heroes is giving you the opportunity to live out all your Victorian fantasies, courtesy of its new Steampunk Pack.

Paragon Studios has revealed the pack, which will start selling on June 1st in the City of Heroes store. The booster pack will contain all manner of nifty steampunk accessories, including delightful facial hair, nifty boots, mechanical wings, and dueling pistols. As you can see from the trailer, it looks rather delightful.

The pack is going to sell for $9.99 when it goes live. I’m not going to lie: I haven’t touched City of Heroes for a few years, but this pack might cause me to get back into the game for a month or two.

Source: Massively

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