The Ship of Heroes Kickstarter has been cancelled due to lack of financial support, but the game is still coming out next year, albeit in a slightly different form.

Ship of Heroes, the so-called “spiritual successor” to City of Heroes, has ended its Kickstarter campaign due to lack of financial support. Casey McGeever, CEO of Heroic Games, said, “Though support was clearly there based on social media feedback and initial donations, the community was not ready to support another Kickstarter in the hero space, and our goal was too ambitious.”

The developer said that the main reason this decision was made was feedback from the community. “It’s in our DNA to listen to our community,” said McGeever, “and they told us that we were too soon with this Kickstarter. We’re completely committed to developing and launching Ship of Heroes.”

That’s right, even though the crowdfunding campaign has ended, the game is still under development. Instead of a full launch, Heroic Games plans to soft launch the game in late 2018. McGeever wrote in the Kickstarter update that the company plans to “jump straight back into development of Ship of Heroes, putting out steady progress updates and raising awareness of the game.”

Heroic also plans to allow its “most committed supporters” to donate to the game’s development via its website, and says that it will be “scaling [its] development to the amount of money available.” The initial launch will be limited to missions and enemies in the Apotheosis City level, which is already built, and there will only be 20 levels of character advancement.

The revised version of Ship of Heroes is planned to launch in late 2018. If you want more info on what’s planned for the game, you can check out its official website.

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