Edvard Munch can Scream all he likes, if it’ll beat that blasted Ghandi.

When Firaxis’ Lead Designer Ed Beach described the new terms of Civilization V: Brave New World‘s culture victory, he said Firaxis intended to improve on the title’s existing mechanics. In this latest gameplay video, you can see exactly what he meant. Ah, the Mona Lisa; ahh, cultural imperialism. Drag those tourists, kicking and screaming, towards your museums and archaeological marvels. Just try not to get Edvard Munch killed in a city siege; that would be embarrassing.

Remember all those pesky barbarians littering the map in the early stages of the game? Well, now they have an additional use, apart from training your military and providing a useful pretext for buddying up with Monaco. Once you kill them off and pillage their camp, their bones and artefacts remain, until rediscovered centuries later by your archaeologists. Or perhaps, Glorious Leader, you would prefer to invest in trade caravans; they may not look like much at the start – camels are seldom beautiful – but late game, your network of connections reaps tourism benefits.

Civilization V: Brave New World, the latest Civilization expansion, is due out for PC July 2013.

Source: 2KGames YouTube

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