Claire Redfield Snuck Guns N’ Roses References Into Mega Man

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Randomly, a Resident Evil voice actor is now known as the one responsible for naming Mega Man X5‘s bosses after members of Guns N’ Roses.

The boss names from the Mega Man franchise have always followed a sort of pattern. In the main series, bosses were often named something like Shadow Man, Fire Man, or Centaur Man. In the Mega Man X games, things got a little crazier, leading to names like Neon Tiger, Storm Eagle, and my personal favorite Frost Walrus. Then in Mega Man X5, something weird happened: The bosses were named after members of Guns N’ Roses. The reason behind this anomaly in the pattern has been revealed, and believe it or not it’s related to Resident Evil.

A voice actor from Resident Evil, that is. Alyson Court, also known as the voice of Claire Redfield that first appeared in Resident Evil 2, revealed through her Twitter account that she was the one responsible for mixing Guns N’ Roses with Mega Man X.

Apparently, Court’s husband at the time had a localization business called GenAzea that worked on Capcom games such as Mega Man X5. He asked her to name its bosses, and she jokingly made them references to Guns N’ Roses because he was a fan. This resulted in names like Squid Adler, Axle the Red, and Grizzly Slash, referring to Steven Adler, Axl Rose, and Slash. It just happened to work out perfectly that there was a boss with a rose on his head.

They both thought it was pretty funny, until the fan backlash came, but now it’s just a charming part of Mega Man history. In Mega Man X6, the boss names went back to normal, including Rainy Turtloid and Blizzard Wolfang. The situation just goes to show you how random the things that go in our videogames can be.

Source: Rockman Corner

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