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Clan Interview: Fallen


Today we have an interview with Malogos, clan recruiter for the Darkfall group. He explains how Fallen will be entering Darkfall and what their plans are. He also talks about the background of Fallen and how they became. If you would like to read more then click ahead.

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Clan Interview: Fallen
Interview by Morkdaorc and Interviewee Malogos

1)What is your clan’s background? When did you start and how?

Fallen started in WoW, shortly after release. I believe it was the beginning of 05, right after server transfers from Illidan to Stonemaul. I did not join until the beginning of 06 (for AQ). Like most guilds, we started so that we could do the large raids in wow, which required 40 people back at the start.

2)What are your plans for Darkfall when it comes out?

We do not have definitely plans yet as to what type of clan we will be in darkfall, but we are leaning towards holding territory and building cities. This means we will have to build a large economic infrastructure, as well as forming alliances with other clans. The combat part will definitely come naturally to us. As to what geographical area we want to work in, we don’t know.

3)What race is your clan going to be and will you accept people that are not this race?

Fallen will most likely be Mahirim and Ork. We are dwarves, elves, and humans in WoW…it’s time to switch. I don’t know what other races we can have with our combination, but if it works, I’m sure we would accept if they were a good player.

4)How big is your clan, and how much do you plan on growing by Darkfall?

In WoW, we have roughly 35-40 people. We had to scale back for the new 25-man
raids. I don’t think everyone will switch to DFO, but who knows. Hopefully once we have a good reputation in Darkfall, like we do in WoW, we will have no trouble recruiting quality players. That is our goal with expanding, though: quality > quantity. We consider ourselves a very elite guild, in the sense we are very hardcore and have accomplished more than the vast majority of guilds in WoW. Just to give you a rough idea, the expansion came out on a Tuesday, and I was 70 that Saturday…

5)Do you have any enemies or alliances yet? Are you looking for Alliances as of right now?

We don’t have enemies or allies, but we have plans to try and unite our race combo’s clans as much as possible so we can concentrate on fighting our true enemies. If there is infighting among the mahirim/orks, then that means that the humans/elves/dwarves can gang up and destroy us. Assuming that a large alliance fails, we will try to just ally with similar hardcore, medium sized clans and perhaps try to hold a strategic area. Either way, “politics” is key in such an open game.

6)Are you recruiting right now and if so how could a person looking to join apply?

Ya, we are recruiting. An applicant could post on our general forums (www.fallen-guild.com/forums) and I will message them, or they could email me directly. I then would send out some questions. But for the record, we don’t want people under 18 and we hope any applicant has either extensive mmo experience or at least competitive games (for example, a CAL CS player or something). For pre-release recruiting I would want people who can help us to plan on our launch strategy.

7)Does your clan play any other games right now and if so which ones?

We play mostly WoW and obviously we have people in various console games.

8)Why would someone want to join your clan?

The majority of people who join our clan are hardcore, skilled players looking
for a hardcore, skilled clan. We have proven we have what it takes to succeed in MMO’s and have the leadership and membership to do it again. I think the majority of DFO clans are more casual, and that’s fine. But Fallen has always had an edge in competitiveness. Any player seeking this will most likely be very happy with us. But it isn’t easy.

9)Why did your clan choose Darkfall? What made you decided to wait for it?

The first step in choosing Darkfall was rejecting WoW. Of course, we still play it, but for me at least, I found the repetitive requirements of gearing people, along with extremely limited PvP to get boring. Most people agree with this, but still feel that at the time, WoW is the best MMO out.

The only good alternatives, as we see them, are DFO and WAR. WAR looks like WoW but with PvP > PvE and less grinding. However it too has limited areas and I would suggest is too similar to WoW…Many of us would much rather be happier with the very innovative DFO which is unlike anything most of us have played. DFO is a game which benefits skill and is wide open, and so we think that without limits, it will be very fun.

10)Any comments you would like to add before we’re done?

The only thing that scares me is the 6-year development cycle for DFO and that
there are still huge gaps in what the game will be like. This is why we have to be somewhat open as to what will happen depending on how WAR turns out and what DFO beta is like.

That aside, anyone who feels they are in the same boat is welcome. The MMO market is limited and slow to change, but Fallen loves to be on the leading edge of games and if FDO delivers, we will be there.

I would like to thank Malgos for his time and, like I said before, if you would like your clan to be interviewed please E-mail a request at [email protected].

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