Clan Interview: Sangre

Today we have another interview with Darkfall clan Sangre. Sangre is a small clan that looks to grow and play Darkfall for fun. You can read the whole interview by clicking “read more”

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Clan Interview: Sangre
Interview by Morkdaorc and interviewee Sangre Leader

1)What is your clan’s background? When did you start and how?

The majority of sangres members came from a clan that used to play planetside and Eve together. After a leadership problem, we left, and moved on to start our own clan. We’ve officially been going now for a year.

2)What are your plans for Darkfall when it comes out?

Our plans for darkfall are pretty simple, to amass the most amount of power possible. More importantly though, we really just want to have fun. Darkfalls a revolutionary game and we’re not about to ruin the experience for us by making it less of a game and more of a chore. In other words, we don’t to sacrifice our enjoyment of the game to win a battle or two.

3)What race is your clan going to be and will you accept people that are not this race?

Our races for darkfall will be human, mirdain, and dwarf. Due to the fact mahirim, orks, and alfar can’t easily be a part of our clan, we aren’t open
to them at this point. The clan we came from was an all race clan, so if there every arose the opportunity to expand our clan through the other races, we would definetely look into it.

4)How big is your clan, and how much do you plan on growing by Darkfall?
Our clan is at about 21 members now. The main reason for this is not because we can’t get more but because we aren’t interested in too many more pre-beta. I’m a strong believer of quality over quantity and I believe the relationships I make with each individual member is a huge part of being a clan leader. At darkfalls start I want to be a small to moderate sized clan but as the game progresses we plan to recruit more and more until we become a large schemed clan.

5)Do you have any enemies or alliances yet? Are you looking for Alliances as of right now?

We currently have no enemies or alliances, mainly because it is almost impossible to see how strong someone will be ingame. We do contact some clans to try and stay in contact and remain friendly ingame but nothing is definite at this point.

6)Are you recruiting right now and if so how could a person looking to
join apply?

Yes, we are recruiting right now. Contacting me on the darkfall site (Trigon is my username) or through email ([email protected]) is always a good way to talk with me about an application to Sangre. We do all our applications through MSN messenger so if you want to take an extra step to applying, add the same email address I listed above to your contact list.

7)Does your clan play any other games right now and if so which ones?

Currently we play no games as a clan, as our only focus at the moment is Darkfall. We are looking at other games that we will play as a clan if Darkfall does not come out on time, but aside from that, Darkfall is our
next planned game to play.

8)Why would someone want to join your clan?

There are a number of good reasons someone would want to join Sangre. For
one, it’s not a clan that we’re going to hide behind policies and positions
to try and keep members from speaking their mind and being themselves. Members are encouraged to have a sense of humor and enjoy themselves in the clan. We are open to all sorts of types of players, mages, crafters, pirates, etc and any hybrid of these they choose. At the moment, none of our ranks are filled because when darkfall starts we want everyone getting the position they truely deserve. No one should join and feel like all the ranks have been taken and that scaling through them will be impossible. So long as members remember to always think before they act, and cooperate as a team, I believe Sangre is the best choice for them.

9)Why did your clan choose Darkfall? What made you decided to wait for it

We chose darkfall because from what has been described it is sure to be the most entertaining game in a long time. If it follows through what what is has presented to the community it is sure to be a game in a league of its own and in my opinion that is more than worth waiting for.

10)Any comments you would like to add before were done?

The allignment of our clan is neither that of good or evil, but instead to make ourselves the best of as possible. Be that playing a good guy, the bad guy, or a mercenary our clans policies are flexible. One thing we do like to always carry with us no matter what we are doing is the thought of mind to assess the situation to the fullest. When we have an enemy, we learn about them as much as possible, find their weakness, and then orchestrate their demise in such a way that there is little chance for them to even fight back. To be able to do this though we have to never lose the interest of learning, in our victories and our failures, and striving to be a better clan. (You can find more additional info about Sangre at

I would like to thank Sangre’s Leader for taking the time have an interview. If you are looking for a small, fun clan then Sangre is the clan for you.

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