Classic NES Scenes Recreated in Digital Papercraft

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Steph Caskenette has transformed scenes from Metroid, Mega Man and more into gorgeous digital papercraft art.

For many people the days of the NES were definitive ones giving spawn to memories and fandoms that have lived on through the decades and helped define who they were as gamers. That in mind, it’s no wonder that many have gone on to create art paying tribute to the console and its classic and beloved library.

Take the Montreal-based artist Steph Caskenette. Caskenette recently released a gallery of digitally created papercraft art recreating classic scenes from famous NES games. Among the games featured are Metroid, Kirby’s Adventure, Zelda 2, Castlevania, Contra, Mega Man and Dragon Warrior. Caskenette also created a papercraft version of the world map from Super Mario World which, of course, was an SNES release rather than an NES one. Even so, we’re not going to argue with an extra art piece based on one of the best platformers ever made.

If you’re immediate reaction to all of this is a resounding “I want it,” don’t worry because we’re right there with you there. Luckily, prints of Cakenette’s art available for purchased at Redbubble. Just personally, I’d very much like to get myself a copy of the Zelda 2 piece. Let us know what your favorites are and which additional games you’d like to see given a similar treatment in the future.

Source: Behance

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