Cliffy B ‘s Hairless Noggin Raises $15k For Cancer Charity


The B now stands for “bald.”

For better or worse, Cliff Bleszinski helped establish the space marine as the de-facto face of modern gaming. Now he’s starting to look like one after honoring a promise to have his head shaved in exchange for at least ten grand in donations to childhood cancer charity, the Saint Baldrick’s foundation.

Gamers keen on donating to a good cause, or perhaps just intent on seeing the shape of Cliffy’s skull, helped him raise some $15,000, a large chunk of the $120,000 the charity’s recent drive raised.

And that’s really all there is to this story; A famous developer using his fame to do something nice. It’s so nice in fact, that I may have to end this news piece without my traditional misanthropic cynicism. Goddamn it, Cliffy.

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