Remember kids, don’t let anyone tell you you can never make a videogame where you anally perforate a man with a storm of bullets. Because they’re wrong.

This is the second “Bulletpoints” promo video for Epic Games & People Can Fly’s Bulletstorm, following hot on the heels of Epic president Mike Capps’ shower-time ruminations. As with the first, it’s done in the style of Jack Handey’s “Deep Thoughts” videos – not-so-sage nuggets of advice.

This time around, it’s Epic’s design director and frontman Cliff(y B)leszinski taking some time to reminisce about the advice from his grandfather and its effect on how he designs games.

Other than that, uh, I have no words. Just watch it.

I do feel that this video has a very severe lack of the word “dicktits,” though. That critical omission puts it well behind the first one, in my opinion.

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