Robin Williams’ final performance will be as Simon Pegg’s talking dog in Terry Jones’ Absolutely Anything.

One of the saddest stories reported this year was the news that Robin Williams tragically lost his life after years of struggling with depression. It also lends a significant amount of weight to what has now become his final performance: a voice acting role alongside Simon Pegg for Absolutely Anything, a film by Monty Python alum Terry Jones.

Absolutely Anything has been in the works for almost twenty years, but it finally coming to fruition recently thanks to additional financing. Pegg stars in the film as a disillusioned teacher visited by aliens, who grant him the power to do absolutely anything that he can express in words. Williams was one of the first actors to join the project, where he lent his voice to Dennis, a dog granted the ability to speak and reason by Pegg’s character. But where Pegg hopes Dennis will have an intelligent conversation with him, Dennis still has the personality and attention span of your average pooch, leading to some great exchanges in the attached clip.

Dennis certainly isn’t going to be Williams’ most iconic role when compared to his heyday in the 80s and 90s. But it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Absolutely Anything will draw fans to theaters to hear his voice one final time.

Source: Deadline

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