Codemasters Drops Archlord


Codemasters has dropped the free-to-play MMOG Archlord from its roster but the game isn’t going under just yet: A Korean publisher has moved in to take the reins.

Archlord launched in 2005 but suffered from poor reviews and failed to catch fire with gamers. A move to free-to-play operation in August 2007 reportedly doubled the player base, but it was never able to move beyond its status as a mid-level fringe MMOG and Codemasters has finally decided to wash its hands of the whole thing, opting not to renew its contract to operate the game in North America and Europe.

Fortunately for those who play it, however, Archlord will continue to operate under the auspices of Korean publisher Webzen, which has made a deal to run the game in those territories. According to the Archlord Transition FAQ, Codemasters will pull the plug on October 2 and Webzen will have its service up and running on October 3. Character and game server data will be transferred from Codemasters to Webzen, with each player receiving a “transition key” to help ensure a smooth transfer between publishers.

Unspent credits will not be transferred, however, so players are advised to spend ’em if they got ’em; Codemasters is offering a 50 percent discount on all items for the remainder of its tenure with the game as a “thank you” to its players. More information about the change-over and how it will affects players and their accounts can be found at the Webzen Western Archlord site at

Source: Eurogamer

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