Rise of the Argonauts may or may not turn out to be a decent game, but Codemasters’ collaboration with U.K. men’s magazine Front has definitely resulted in one of my all-time favorite videogame promotions.

One of the most fundamental differences between the U.S. and the U.K. can be found in national attitudes toward the naked female breast. In the U.S., the entire nation goes into paroxysms of angst and self-loathing over a split-second, barely perceptible glimpse of a nipple on television; in the U.K., they have the Page 3 Girl. It’s a particularly interesting phenomenon given the widely-held stereotype of English sexual repression, but the truth is that in Old Blighty, it’s boobs, boobs, boobs as far as the eye can see.

Thank God for that, I say, and for Codemasters, the U.K. based developer that’s launched a skintastic new promotional campaign for its upcoming RPG Rise of the Argonauts in the latest issue of Front magazine. The images feature “Cyber Girl of the Year” Alex Sim-Wiseformer, transformed into a goddess-like creature of myth with the power to shoot flames from her hands. She’s also pretty much completely naked.

“The shoot was super-rad,” said Sim-Wiseformer. “I’m a massive computer geek – so taking down the incredible bosses from Rise of the Argonauts was definitely my cup of tea. The results of the shoot are incredible. So much so I’ve been jumping around since, casting flames from my hand. Although I did accidentally set light to a small cat.”

Shockingly, or not depending on where you live, this isn’t the first time a company has used happy flapdoodles to sell videogames. In November 2007, EA took some heat for using a pair of topless models to promote Need For Speed: Pro Street. In that case, however, the company almost immediately expressed chagrin and regret for the ads, saying they had “slipped through the proper EA approval process.” Codemasters, on the other hand, looks to be all goofy grins and thumbs-up.

Rise of the Argonauts is set for release on October 14, while a rise of an entirely different type will arrive with the September 30 issue of Front magazine. And while we’d certainly never provide links to images of nearly-naked ladies, we would be remiss in our duties as a videogaming website if we didn’t point out that you can learn more about Rise of the Argonauts at

Source: Voodoo Extreme

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