Who knew earning $1 million was as easy as asking for it on YouTube?

A young Craig Rowin once had the dream of making $1 million. The comedian took to YouTube to achieve his dream with a series of videos titled Please Give Me One Million Dollars asking various celebrities, such as the entire cast of Coach, to give him the money. Apparently, it worked.

Rowin’s latest video alleges that a millionaire called him up to work out the details of giving him $1 million. The millionaire sent a notarized letter saying that he’d give Rowin $1 million for nothing in return, and will do so on stage at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York on February 2. Rowin will be giving $50,000 to his cameraman and $50,000 to the co-writer of the video series.

It’s easy to be skeptical, but Rowin’s windfall looks like it could be completely real. Some are suggesting that the situation is a hoax designed to sell tickets to the February 2 show. A friend of Rowin’s blogged that he ran into him and Rowin said: “I am still in shock. It’s going to be insane.” This could be a hoax, but Rowin is holding his cards close.

If Rowin does receive a real check from a real millionaire, this will just be another one of those times where everyone on the planet kicks themselves for not thinking of something so simple first, though Rowin’s videos were definitely entertaining enough to rouse up media attention on their own. Rowin just has to be careful, because even though the millionaire put in a contract that he owes him nothing in return, Rowin might have to field some late night drunk dials from a lonely millionaire, or be on the hook to help the millionaire move for the next decade. Who could turn down a small favor from someone that gives you $1 million?

Source: Consumerist

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