Commander Shepard Raps About Mining for Minerals in Mass Effect 2


Does scanning for minerals in Mass Effect 2 get you down? Commander Shepard may have the cure, and the cure is some dope rhymes.

It’s no secret that scanning planets for minerals seems to be generally loathed by everyone who played Mass Effect 2. So what do you do to vent your frustration with the mechanic, assuming you aren’t a contributor to a major videogame website like Mr. Deam?

If you’re internet lyricist Kabuto the Python, you write a song about it. Titled “Those Minerals,” the song (which can be downloaded here) expresses Kabuto’s problems with the boring, tedious mechanic that’s nonetheless all but required in order to advance through the game.

The lyrics are clever and well-written, and set to a track that expertly samples sound clips from the actual game – this is some truly excellent videogame rap, my friends. Maybe it’ll make the actual scanning more tolerable … or maybe that’s beyond hope. Either way, an awesome song is an awesome song.

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