Commodore 64 Enthusiasts Contend in Dev Competition


A dozen new games were created for the Commodore 64 and three games were rereleased old school style.

Fifteen different teams of developers participated in Retro Gamer CD’s second Commodore 64 Cartridge Development Competition, making both new games and remaking games like action twitch game Super Hexagon. The call for entries has closed, and a panel of judges will score each game.

In Super Hexagon players guide a small triangle rotating around a central hexagon to avoid touching any walls. The camera will spin around in different directions, speed up, and do what it can to trip up the player. The goal is to survive for as long as possible. Originally developed by Terry Cavanagh for iOS, Windows, Mac, and Android, the Commodore 64 version, developed by Paul Koller and Mikkel Hastrup, is titled Micro Hexagon. It doesn’t look quite as fast or confusing as Super Hexagon, but it does have the different bright colors and similar music. The walls also appear to be made from triangles, and the small triangle the player guides in Super Hexagon is now a small square.

The games can be played through an emulator. Make sure to check out all 15 entries on RGCD where you can see an in-game screenshot of each.

All participants of the competition receive a free copy of their game. The first place winner will receive a 1541 Ultimate II Cartridge, £100, and an Easy Flash cartridge with a currently unspecified game. The second place prize includes a 1541 Ultimate II Cartridge, £50, and an Easy Flash cartridge with a game. Third place awards £50 and an Easy Flash Cartridge with a game.

Source: RCGD via Kotaku

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