A couple of weeks back, we ran a story which revealed how a regular user of The Escapist had created sigils for the members of the Podcast. It was a sweet gesture, so in thanks we’d like to help the rest of the community better get to know the man behind the sigils, Little Duck.

Duck, quick to remind us that he is neither little nor an aquatic bird, is a 23-year-old architecture student student based out of Plymouth and a big fan of The Escapist‘s content. He spends his nonexistent free time doing things like creating the aforementioned sigils, which we hope will someday be available for purchase.

We asked Duck to share his artistic process and his personal life with us, and here’s how he replied:

How long have you been a member of The Escapist, and what about the site brought you here?

I’ve been a member since October 2009. A combination of wanting to get out of another forum and probably Mr. Croshaw saw me come here.

What is your favorite current The Escapist feature?

I’ll probably never get the chance to go, but I love the Expo stuff. The videos and getting to know (albeit from later on) the people who make the site and listening to their commentary on the content they make. That was amazing.

You have created sigils for the crew members of the The Escapist‘s Podcast. Tell us a little about doing that. What gave you that inspiration? How did you go about making them?

To be honest, I thought they wouldn’t really take notice of them. I have a method of making things, start small end big. I have about 4 sketchbooks of gradually increasing size at home. I started by noting down the house names I’d use and played with some words to go with them. Next to Susan I drew a flying muffin and thought this would be more games of thronesy, if they had a visual sigil to go with it.

I then researched their names, their origins, and tried to figure out a way to represent both in game of thrones and in our world. I don’t think there were that many sketches between actual final product and original and I did want to do others, but I study architecture and it doesn’t leave me a lot of time during the week to do stuff.

Do you do other artwork, too? What types?

I study architecture like I said, but I’ve also done a fair bit of logo designing, some for societies in university, some for some small businesses. Though these days I seem to have a thing for iPhone wallpapers. I mainly do this stuff though when I have a bit of time.

Side note, the avatar I use actually came from my uni course as they were teaching me to use some drawing programs.

Are there any tips you can give to other artists?

I don’t really see myself as a confident or good enough artist to be distributing tips, but I will say anyone can draw. In architecture we’re taught messy lines first to line stuff up then serious lines in one smooth motion afterward. I think that’s a good way of at least starting. Hell it’s the only lesson I was ever given.

What has your job experience been like? Any interesting stories?

I did some stuff, though my life is pretty dull. The most interesting thing I designed would probably be in college, where I helped build a presentation that was read in front of about 1000 people on climate change. Aside from that, nothing really to report. Sorry 🙁

In your free time, apart from browsing The Escapist, what do you do with yourself?

There’s a saying among architecture students. You don’t sleep. You wait for the sun to rise. The little free time I get though I spend with my mates. In fact some of my best mates I met through this site albeit indirectly (anyone remember Game Damage? Anyone?)

Do you have any pets? What are they and what are their names?

I have a dog, his name is Bruno. He looks like this:


His goal in life is to find the biggest stick in the world and chew it. A goal he has problems with as he barely reaches people’s shins.

Do you have a favorite game/movie/band/painting/etc. that you’d like more people to be aware of?

The Beards. Listen to The Beards. Why are you not currently listening to The Beards?

Also Theme Hospital.

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