Company Of Heroes 2 Multiplayer Beta Kicks Off Today

Company of Heroes 2

Anxiously awaiting Company of Heroes 2? Maybe playing the game prior to release might help the interminable waiting.

From now until June 18, prospective heroes of the Eastern Front are being granted the opportunity to play the multiplayer component of Relic’s upcoming real-time strategy title Company of Heroes 2. As per standard operating procedure with this sort of thing, the beta test is free of charge to anyone who can run the game.

As you might expect, this beta isn’t a comprehensive look at the game, so much as it’s an effort by the developer to test the game’s systems in an open, nearly-public venue. That said, the content found in the beta test is pretty comprehensive. According to PC Gamer, the test offers players six maps plucked from the game’s competitive and cooperative multiplayer game modes. This allows players to explore the first 45 levels of the game’s progression system, as well as the title’s “Intel Bulletins,” which are minor buffs that grant units a special bonus against certain other units.

Most impressively, those of you who enjoy the beta will find your progress carries over into the retail version of the game, assuming you purchase Company of Heroes 2 within two months of its June 25 launch date.

Any caveats? Yes. One. Despite this test launching today, there is currently no official word on how/where you should sign up for the event. We’d suggest keeping an eye on the official Company of Heroes website for more information.

Source: PC Gamer

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