After a year in Asian markets, THQ has announced that Company of Heroes Online will be coming out in North America later this year.


THQ has announced that Company of Heroes Online, the free MMOG based on its popular Company of Heroes strategy franchise, will be storming the shores of North America this Fall. While the game is technically free, though, it should be noted that microtransactions are also a regular part of the title’s play mechanics.

Company of Heroes Online was co-developed by Shanda (a Shanghai-based publisher) and Relic Entertainment (the studio behind the critically-acclaimed strategy game, Company of Heroes) and was originally released in both Chinese and Korean markets. The game is a free-to-play MMOG that also includes microtransactions.

As opposed to many other MMOGs on the market, Company of Heroes Online is an online Real Time Strategy title. It features the usual staples of RTS titles, like army specialization, commander customization, and unit progression. However, players can also purchase special units and army upgrades after each multiplayer victory.

Company of Heroes has been hailed by many as the greatest WWII strategy games to ever hit the market. Last year saw the release of its second expansion, Tales of Valor, which wasn’t nearly as well-received as the original game.

No definite release date has been announced outside of the abstract “Fall 2010.” However, interested players can sign up at the official Company of Heroes Online website for updates as the game’s North American launch.

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