High-ranking fighting gamer Noel Brown is facing charges of domestic battery after an incident involving his ex-girlfriend and another tournament player.

Noel Brown, a competitive gamer ranked among the top ten Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 players worldwide, is facing charges of domestic battery violence after an early-morning attack on a fellow Community Effort Orlando player over this past weekend.

At around 2 am on June 29, Brown entered a suite where his ex-girlfriend was engaged in an “intimate encounter” with the other player. Brown attacked the other player, striking him several times, and then allegedly struck his former girlfriend when she tried to break up the fight.

Brown told police that he believed he was still in a relationship with his ex when he discovered her with the other player, and although he admitted to striking the other player, he claimed he had not actually hit his ex-girlfriend but had just pushed her with an open palm. He was subsequently arrested and charged.

Community Effort Orlando tournament organizer Alex Jebailey refused to comment on the situation, telling Kotaku that providing coverage of the incident “can only hurt competitive gaming as a whole,” but the Caribbean Video X Games tournament tweeted this morning that it has “decided to release him from his obligations for commentating at VXG 2013.”

This isn’t Brown’s first violent encounter with a fellow tournament player: In 2011 he started a fight with Eric Arroyo that led to his ejection from the Break Weekly #101 tournament and a warning that he’d be slapped with a lifetime ban if it happened again.

Source: Kotaku

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