Conan O’Brien just can’t get into Diablo III.

Conan O’Brien loves video games. He calls himself “Clueless,” but he’s actually quite the savvy customer. On his show last night, Conan confessed that he’s been playing Diablo III recently, since it was released on PS3. He says he likes the game a lot, but there’s something keeping him from getting invested in the experience.

Always the nit-picker, Conan is convinced there’s something wrong with the game’s dialogue. Something about it just doesn’t fit in with the signature “fire and brimstone” atmosphere of the Diablo series. Thoughtful as ever, he capture a few key moments from the game that he thought stood out.

I thought he was crazy at first, but now that I think about it I have to agree: There is something really weird about those somersaults.

Source: TeamCoco

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