Trailer: Conan OBrien Must Go is a new travel series for (HBO) Max where Conan will visit fans he talked to on his podcast series. Conan O'Brien Must Go

Conan O’Brien Must Go Trailer Reveals His New Show Where He Must Go

Conan O’Brien is a funny guy, and he hosted a fantastic late-night show where he was great behind the desk. However, his greatest strength was always riffing out in the wild, and that is exactly what his new (HBO) Max show, Conan O’Brien Must Go, lets him do. The trailer sneak peek for the series shows the comedian traveling around the world doing… things and being the incredibly awkward ginger we all know and love.

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OK, there’s a bit more to the show than Conan, who loves sticking his name in the titles of his shows / podcasts, just wandering around the world acting like an idiot, though not much. The travel series, which will run for only four episodes, features him visiting people from around the world whom he’s met through his podcast Conan O’Brien Needs a Fan, a spinoff of Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend in which Conan and his podcast crew answer questions and have discussions with his own fans. Each episode of the new series seems to focus on visiting one of those fans in whatever location they live in and then exploring that location with them and on his own. While billed as a travel series, Conan O’Brien Must Go seems far more focused on putting Conan in ridiculous situations and letting him go wild.

In the trailer we see Conan visiting Jarle, who has a band, and Anna, who has issues with her mother. From there on out it looks like just a series of wacky adventures that will no doubt be hilarious. The show is currently in production, so it’s possible that the rest of the visits haven’t even been filmed yet. The series is put together by Conan under his studio Conaco.

“Conan is a national treasure… at least that’s what he keeps telling me,” said HBO executive vice president of programming Nina Rosenstein. “It’s been an absolute dream to work with him, Jeff, and the whole Conaco team. They’re everything you’d hope for – insanely smart, ridiculously funny, and nicer than they’d probably want to admit.”

Conan O’Brien Must Go hasn’t received a release date but is coming soon to Max.

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